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Your advantages with infrared heating from TENECALOR

Infrared heaters use the latest infrared technology to heat efficiently and at the same time you can save electricity to a great extent. A sensibly used infrared heating system can save up to 50 percent of your energy costs compared to conventional heating systems!

The most important advantages!

1. Long lifetime
Due to the high quality components an infrared heating system will last for many years. The purchase of an infrared heater is an investment for the future!
2. No maintenance required
Infrared heaters do not require maintenance. This not only saves you high service costs, but also valuable time!
3. Low energy consumption
Due to direct radiation, the heating does not need a warm-up phase. This reduces energy consumption and saves you money!
4. Suitable for allergic persons
Infrared heaters do not whirl up air as conventional heaters do, so there is hardly any dust in the air – for your well-being!
5. Easy installation
The installation of your infrared heating system can be done quickly and without great effort. In a short time your heating system is ready for use!
6. Ecological use
You can of course operate your heating with a photovoltaic system. This not only saves energy costs, but also protects the environment!
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Your benefits with TENECALOR

We focus on quality, innovation and customer satisfaction! Our heating systems are state-of-the-art and are produced exclusively in Europe. This enables us to offer our customers not only quality but also flexibility in design and production.
Infrared heating

German quality

Our heating elements are manufactured for us in Germany to the highest standards.

Infrared heating

5 year warranty

We only use quality parts! Therefore we give you 5 years warranty on our heating elements!

Infrared heating

More than 10 years experience

We know what matters! For more than 10 years infrared heating is our passion!

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Some products can be 100% personalized. With ready-made designs or according to your own ideas.

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We are constantly working on new products and solutions – precisely adapted to our customers!

Infrared heating

Telephone support

Should there really be a problem – our telephone support is available in your language.

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